Meet Our Team

Management Team

receiving an award at GE Healthcare Commercial Gathering, 2019.

(left to right)

Richard Rubli (Service Manager)

Cheryl Hernandez (Sales and Marketing Manager) 

Stefan Crouch (Chief Executive Officer)

Field Engineers


Jimmy Ng

CT, PET/CT, Ultrasound, Anaethesia, Monitoring


Randy Ramsamooj

MRI, Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, Mammography 


Jonathan Dube

Project Manager of Installation,

Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, CR, Printers


Thomas George

Cath Lab, Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, Mammography

Rondell Singh

CT, Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, CR, Printers,

Patient Monitoring

Luis Possamay

Cyclotron, MRI, CT, PET/CT, Cath Lab, Fluoroscopy

Johnatanh Wagner

MRI, Ultrasound, C-arm, Bonedensitometer

Chelsea Mohammed 

Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, CR, Printers, Monitoring