Meet Our Team

Management Team

receiving an award at GE Healthcare Commercial Gathering, 2019.

(left to right)

Richard Rubli (Sales & Marketing Manager - BU2)

Cheryl Hernandez (Sales & Marketing Manager - BU1) 

Stefan Crouch (Chief Executive Officer)

Service Team


Jimmy Ng

Field Engineer

CT, PET/CT, Ultrasound, Anaethesia, Monitoring


Randy Ramsamooj

Field Engineer

MRI, Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, Mammography 


Jonathan Dube

Service Manager, PMI

Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, CR, Printers


Thomas George

Field Engineer

Cath Lab, Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, Mammography

Rondell Singh

Field Engineer

CT, Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, CR, Printers,

Patient Monitoring

Luis Possamay

Senior Engineer

Cyclotron, MRI, CT, PET/CT, Cath Lab, Fluoroscopy

Aaliya Rees

Technical Sales Engineer

X-Ray, Ultrasound, etc.

Chelsea Mohammed 

Field Engineer

Fixed and Mobile X-Ray, CR, Printers, Monitoring