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About Us


Curis Technologies Limited (formerly Miatrin Medical) was founded on February 22nd, 2011 to provide sales and service of medical equipment, supplies and accessories for the healthcare sector of Trinidad and Tobago.

Over the years, we have successfully installed numerous medical systems locally, as well as in hospitals in Guyana and Suriname.


Curis Technologies Limited is a trusted provider of medical equipment, supplies, accessories, and services. Located in Trinidad and Tobago, Curis offers premium biomedical equipment to both public and private institutions in T&T, Guyana and Suriname.

With Curis, Health Care Providers can feel at ease knowing that their equipment will be well maintained, so that they can concentrate on their goal of providing excellent patient care.

Our company is authorized to sell and offer services such as project management and technical support on medical equipment and supplies, from some of the most well-known healthcare brands in the world including:

Our Sales Team has ample commercial experience in the medical field, demonstrating their understanding of customers’ intricate needs over a number of years.

We continuously invest in our project management unit which is dedicated to guiding customers through the site planning and installation process for their medical equipment investments.

Our Project Managers of Installation (PMI) are trained under our suppliers’ standards for project management in accordance with international best practices and guidelines.
In compliance with our suppliers’ standards of quality service support, our engineers are regularly sent to the manufacturer’s facility for factory training. The combination of factory training and field experience positions our engineers to provide service support at the highest level for our customers.

In addition, our local engineers are supported by specialist manufacturer engineers both remotely and in person, should the need arise.



Our Mission is to provide the highest quality medical products and after sales service with a view to enhance the provision of healthcare services for patients in Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana and Suriname.


Our Vision is to become the largest medical devices distributor in the CARICOM region through the continuous expansion of our healthcare customer and medical equipment network.


Our company has been built on the following core values and principles:

We care about our customers and their patients and allow that care to inspire us.


We give you the best our team has to offer by approaching each project collaboratively.


We aim to be your trusted source for medical equipment and supplies by being accountable for our results and actions.


We practice honesty and transparency in all areas of our business.


We strive for excellence in our operations through dedication to innovation, efficiency, safety, and professionalism.  


Customers can rely on Curis as their source of medical solutions for key   medical specialties, such as:

•    Radiology
•    General Surgery
•    Emergency Medicine
•    Vascular
•    Cardiology
•    Anaesthesia
•    Intensive Care & Life Support
•    Obstetrics & Gynaecology
•    Paediatrics 
•    Neonatology

In addition, we offer products and services geared towards strengthening any hospital’s support infrastructure:
•    Sterilization & Disinfection Systems
•    Laboratory Devices
•    Power Protection
•    Electrical Testing
•    Maintenance Equipment 


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